Top Apps to Add Effects To Your Video- Download For Android & iOS

Once you record a video on your phone it is quite easy to add effects to it using easily available Applications on the Internet.  Not only effects many other kind of “Edit” can be performed on the video so that it is completely decorated or beautified before you share it with your friends and colleague.  Labels and Titles can be added to highlight the section you want to get attention on.  Similarly, colour effects and shadows can be used to make your video more viewers friendly and emphatic.


This Application by Apple takes the home video making to a new level.  You can record your video on your phone and instantly edit it adding affects and Titles.  You can also Trim it and add Sound effect and background Music to it.  This comes as part of iOS7 platform but has a reasonable charge of $4.99 for the phones using other iOS. iMovie is an app which works more better when you use it on your computer, to download iMovie for windows you need to first install an Android emulator mainly Andy or Bluestacks.



Vine is very commonly used by the casual users as it very easy to share videos on social media.  You get to record a footage sequence of 6 seconds and then play it in a loop.



This is another very popular Application which can used both on iOS and Android like Vine. You can create your own montage and share it on Social Media.  There are multiple filters and other basic editing tools available on Instagram. It wouldn’t work like iMovie  but will help you to add effects in images.


You Tube Capture: This is another iOS only Application where you can decorate and trim your video.  Your video is automatically decorated with functions such as Stabilizing, Colour Correction, Trimming and Background Music.



Vyclone works across all platforms including Windows.  Vyclone can beautify your video automatically to an extent but you can manually make the Edit including that Footage Mixing and Multiple Angle manipulations.