Being an Android user I have always felt that iPhone has better apps for its users, like Hipstamatic, VASCO Cam and Pic Tap Go. We wish they all should get available for Android phones as well. However, when it comes to photo editing apps, Android doesn’t disappoint you as much as it does in any other category.

True to say, the world is beautiful seen through the eyes of your camera lenses and we all just adore clicking pictures, call it a selfie or a group picture on your special occasions, a camera does it all. By the way do you also feel not all of us have a photogenic face to reckon with? Hahaha, for all those it becomes imperative to edit their pictures before sharing it with their friends on social networking sites.

We do not want to offend anybody but seriously sometimes you didn’t get the pictures right, therefore we have photo editing apps which can make you look confident as well as picture perfect.

Forget the iPhone, we are going to tell you about the 3 best apps (according to us) to edit your pictures on a go, that too free of cost, great? So let’s get started.


Pixlr Express
Pixlr Express is just what the doctor orders you when it comes to offer all inclusive tools to edit your pictures. It has all the features and tools to edit your pictures, including all the effects such as Vintage and subtle, you would really feel elated to use this app. You really need this app in your phone, I mean seriously, if you want some real editing effects in your pictures.

pixlr editing app

Snapseed is an exceptional savage – an incredible application, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android. What makes this application so extraordinary is the likelihood to change thoroughly everything from primary editing to the various filters effects. What makes this app stand out is its availability for PC, yes Snapseed for PC is no myth, and there is PC version of this app as well.


Vignette is one such app that has actually attracted me to the world of picture editing, and even now, it has been a great attraction for me to edit pictures. It has some of the world class black and white filters I have ever used including warm summer filter and dreamy. You must try it once, I am sure you will get addicted to it.


This is it! I hope I didn’t miss out on anything, for all Android users- download these apps today.