Best Mobile Video Broadcasting Apps

Video calling your friends or family is one thing and broadcasting the videos live is another. Live video streaming is becoming extremely popular among the smartphone and internet users. If you are wondering which app is the best for live streaming, we have compiled a list for you. Take a look!


Periscope is undeniably one of the best live streaming apps. It became extremely popular soon after its launch. As a result, the giant Twitter bought it out and now owns it. You can live stream the videos to your friends or other people using this app. It is available on the Android as well as iOS platform. It offers various features to enhance the videos as well. Periscope now has millions of users worldwide. You can also use Periscope on computer with the help of a workaround.



This is another great app for live streaming the videos. You can share your personal live stream and also watch the live stream of other people. It is available for both the iOS and Android devices. The person broadcasting the videos can record and save them. At the same time, viewers can also save short clips of the videos. You can chat with the other users while watching and even broadcasting the video.



We all know that Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform. Facebook introduced the live streaming feature about a year ago and is now being used by millions. You can start the live stream on your mobile phone using the Facebook app. All your friends and followers will get a notification that you have started the broadcast. They will be able to view the video, like it (or react), and even comment on it in the real time.


Bambuser is one of the oldest live streaming apps and has been around for quite a while. You can use your mobile phone or computer with webcam to live stream the videos. This app is not as popular as the other apps on this list but it is definitely worth a try. This app lets you live stream HD videos easily.