Make video calling free using FaceTime and Google Allo

Video calling apps make it possible for you to make free video calls all over the world. FaceTime and Google Allo are well talked about video calling apps. Here is a quick overview of both.




If you are thinking about making free video calls then FaceTime is one of the best apps you can pick. One thing that automatically adds loads of credibility to the app is that it has been designed by Apple itself. Nearly all the in-house Apple apps offer some level of quality-guarantee.

There is no doubt about the fact that FaceTime is an incredibly popular video calling app. It is available on iOS and OSX platforms only. This means that you can use it only if you have one of the compatible Apple devices. It cannot be used on any other platform such as Android or Windows.

With FaceTime Apple has stuck to basics. This app is dedicated to video calling and makes this function extremely easy. The user interface of FaceTime is very simple and allows you to make video calls instantly. This means that the app is also very easy to use.

FaceTime audio is a variant of this app which is meant only for the voice calls. FaceTime video calling app is extremely popular among the iPhone and other iOS device users.

Google Allo


Google Allo is loaded with lots of artificial intelligence features and capabilities. You can use this app to make video calls, chat, and send text messages and pictures as well. This app is different from most others in that it observes your habits and provides assistance accordingly.

For instance, it will read the text message from the sender and suggest a reply automatically based on your previous responses. It can also scan an incoming picture message and provide response suggestions.

In spite of so many cool features, Google Allo hasn’t become as popular as was expected. The biggest reason is that it is not exactly very easy to use. Users are looking for simplicity and ease of use which Google failed to deliver with this app apparently. Allo may be a good alternative, if you are looking for Android version of Facetime App.