Grindr and other gay dating apps want to create connections beyond the bedroom

Grindr and other dating apps do not have a good reputation when it comes to creating a connection that will last longer. But, at the same time, all the applications are trying their best to create a better connection among its users. Grindr was launched in the year 2009, and since then it has reached around 200 countries. All these applications are trying to change their image and are ready to reach beyond that “hook- up” only connection.

Recently, Grindr launched an online magazine known as Into. With the help of this application, Grindr for Computer is trying to get rid of its just a hook-up based application that helps you to find your partner with the help of its GPS based technology. The CEO of the company also said that because of this reason a lot of users were asking as to what was going around with the application.

As the magazine is into its earlier days, lot has not been done. But, the application is trying to curate content that relates to the mind of the users. They have published a number of articles, videos, and blogs in order to reach to its customers. Not only this, they have also created content that will help users remember what all happened in the past and help them re-create those emotions.

Not only Grindr is the one that is working towards re-creating its image, other gay applications like that of the Scruff have also started creating a lot of platforms that will helps its users understand the application in a much better manner. They have also been hosting live events, they have also created a panel discussion where the main focus of the discussion was to talk about the rights of the LGBT community and to understand the scope of the application.

By doing this, the application has been able to reach to a wider set of audience and have created a different platform for the users as the application has become more social in nature. Applications, like Hornet are working on providing users with information on HIV- users are provided with various health facts on the disease. Not only Hornet, even Grindr has been working on creating health awareness campaigns for its large user base. It has been doing surveys since the year 2015 where the user was provided with information with the help of a single click.

All these applications have created opportunities for health companies, event companies and other publications to talk more about the issue.