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Ninja are the warriors of the night, and I should know. Most ninja cloak themselves in black, in order to blend in with their midnight background. However, Shinobi by Sega features a white-robed ninja, fighting against whatever forces oppose him in his quest. This wonderful remake of an old Sega Genesis title brings a whole new angle to the game that would only be possible on the 3DS. I’ve prepared a small description of this game for you fellow readers. Read on for my thoughts! -Ryan Baxter Continue Reading →

Review: Shinobi (3DS)

Back in 1987, the very first Shinobi game was released in arcades.  Ever since then, the Shinobi franchise has been known for its intense ninja action and extremely high difficulty level.  SEGA has just released their 12th iteration in the series, and it has taken everything we loved about the series and put it all into one glorious Nintendo 3DS game.  How well does this game hold up on the new 3DS handheld?  Continue reading to find out! - Greg Boe (admin) Continue Reading →

New Screenshots From Shinobi (3DS)

Sega’s latest 3DS masterpiece, Shinobi is a cause for celebration for fans of the franchise everywhere.  Today, we’ve gotten some new screenshots showing a little more of the intense ninja action we all know and love.  Shinobi will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 15th in North America. Continue reading for the screenshots! - Greg Boe (admin) Continue Reading →

Some New Shinobi (3DS) Screenshots

Several new screenshots from the upcoming Shinobi game for the Nintendo 3DS have been released at Gamescom 2011 today.  It’s surprising to see how good this game looks, but let’s hope it plays well when it’s released later this year.  Check out the various screenshots after the break! - Wayne Continue Reading →

Nintendo Power August Issue Interviews Steven Frost & Kris Durrschmidt About Shinobi (3DS)

The August issue of Nintendo Power has brought some great news, but I thought I should take the time to also write out the interview Nintendo Power had with Steven Frost & Kris Durrschmidt about the upcoming entry to the much-loved Shinobi series for the Nintendo 3DS.  In this interview, some details never before revealed are talked about like the fact that there are more playable characters than our friend, Jiro Musashi.  Read the entire interview after the break! - Greg Boe (admin) Continue Reading →

June Nintendo Power Issue Covers a Bunch of Great News

Last week, when we looked at a leaked photo of Sonic Generations for N3DS, I was just itching for my copy of the issue to come in the mail.  Boy was it worth it.  Games like Sonic Generations, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Shinobi, Mega Man Legends 3, Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games, and Cave Story 3D were covered.  Keep reading, ’cause I’ve gathered and scanned the most important things in the issue. Continue Reading →

Shinobi Confirmed on N3DS, Along With Some Info

The game Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS has been confirmed by Sega earlier this week, but only recently have we gotten some good info on it.  GoNintendo has written up some of the details on the game.  Continue reading for more details and some low-res screenshots… - Greg Boe (admin) Continue Reading →