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Review: CastleStorm (Wii U eShop)

CastleStorm-logo_42_level_oneCastleStorm, developed by Zen Studios, is to be released on the Wii U eShop December 26th. This medieval tower defense hybrid style game has already been released on most other consoles. For those who have played games like Angry Birds this game might seem familiar to you. However, this game has a lot of key differences that make this game better than your typical flying avian species. Zen Studios was generous enough to send this game to review and I must say I’m very impressed with this eShop gem. How does this game compare when played on the Wii U gamepad? Please continue reading for my analysis.

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Review: Gunman Clive (N3DS eShop)

PS_3DSDS_GunmanCliveWhat can you buy with two dollars?

There’s a lot of stuff you can buy for only two dollars.  For me, I would spend my last two bucks on a can of Monster Energy or put some more fuel in my Honda, which is great on gas.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to buy a fun game for the same price?  You bet it would.  With all the other stuff I put my well-earned cash into, it’s always exciting to get a great game at a great price. Hörberg Studios recently released Gunman Clive to the Nintendo eShop, for the low price of $1.99.

Seeing the game’s price tag intrigued me, so I just had to give it a download.  I mean, what’s two dollars?  Read on for my mini review. -Greg Boe
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Review: Senran Kagura Burst (N3DS eShop)

senran-kagura-2There are not one, but two oversized reasons why you are reading this review.

One reason is your curiosity of whether or not this game is worth the download, and the other is sitting right above this text.  It’s always great to see a game localized to the West.  Some games, however, never make it the West due to cultural differences.  I honestly never thought Senran Kagura would come to North America or Europe.  In fact, I even listed the series in my “Games in Japan We’ll Probably Never See in the West” editorial.  Well, contrary to my personal expectations, it is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

While it is a download-only title, it’s about the same price as a retail game.  Are there enough reasons to purchase this game?  Let’s find out. -Greg Boe
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Review: Jett Rocket II: Wrath of Taikai (N3DS eShop)

1384379906-jett-rocket-ii-the-wrath-of-taikaiJett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai, is the most recent installment in the series from the developer Shin’en. Of course this time Jett Rocket will be making a breakthrough debut on the Nintendo 3DS and its been 3 years since we have seen our dear friend.  Welcome back buddy.

With the increased power or the Nintendo 3DS does Jett Rocket II make any visual and audio improvements? Does Jett Rocket II live up to the hype and deliver a smooth and solid gameplay with a top notch-storyline? Keep reading to find out -Dacotah D.
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Review: Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut (N3DS eShop)

N3DS_CrazyChickenDirectorsCut3D_TitleLast year, I reviewed Teyon’s Duck Hunt-inspired eShop title, Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D.  Check out my review on that game here.  In more current news, another game in the series hit the 3DS shop called Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut.

Thanks to Teyon, I was able to go hands-on to tell you what I thought about the game.  Read on for my thoughts. -Greg Boe
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Review: My Baby Pet Hotel 3D (N3DS)

3DS_MTP3_inlay_UKV.inddOver the years, a handful of pet simulator games have been released for every platform imaginable.  They’ve ranged from tolerable to unbelievably terrible.  So how about this title?  Just keep on reading. -Dallas B.
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Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (N3DS)

batman-arkham-origins-blackgate-3ds-coverBlackgate prison is under new management.

Every now and then when a big console game launches, a handheld side-story is released alongside.  This is a clever strategy, but it usually doesn’t work out as well as anticipated.  A few days back, Warner Bros. Interactive brought Batman: Arkham Origins to home consoles (including Wii U).  This title takes place before the previous two adventures, and throws some crazy twists into the mix.  On the same day, a follow-up was released on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, titled Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

How well did this sequel to a prequel turn out?  What’s with the whole 2.5D sidescrolling thing? The answers lie within my review. -Greg Boe Continue Reading →

Review: Snow Moto Racing 3D (N3DS eShop)

SMR3dSnowMoto Racing 3D is the recent Zordix title to hit the ever-expanding e-shop. The familiar cozy looking game might draw memories of last generations craze of ATV and MX racing style games, and it really does live up to what you would expect of a game from that genre with a few flaws to go with it.  Is SnowMoto Racing 3D a reincarnation of the games that riddled the market a few years ago?

Also, does Zordix expand upon this genre and help bring it into the current generation of handheld gaming? Keep reading to find out -Dacotah Dudley Continue Reading →

Review: Scribblenauts Unmasked (N3DS)

Scribblenauts_Unmasked_box_artAn unexpected, yet beautiful crossover…

Sometimes a crossover just feels natural.  Sometimes you would never in your wildest dreams have pictured the two worlds together, but they fit so perfectly.  This is one of those games.  Warner Bros. is the publisher of the infamous Scribblenauts series and because of this, the team at 5th Cell was given access to the amazing world of DC Comics.  Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure has preserved the long running concept, “Write Anything, Solve Everything” and added thousands of characters and objects from the DC Universe to spice things up.  Thanks to a review copy from WB Games, we got a chance to get a first hand look at the puzzle-solving action from the day of its release.

Scribblenauts made its debut on DS, but will the 3DS port of the franchise’s latest game stand up to its home console versions?  Find out after the break. -Greg Boe Continue Reading →

Review: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (N3DS)

Mario & Luigi-Dream Team-Box Art- Nintendo ChargedIf you thought your dreams were weird, you haven’t met Luigi…

There are so many Mario games on Nintendo 3DS.  In almost 3 years, Nintendo has already released 8 Mario game for the platform.  Pretty much every type and genre of Mario is available or is going to be available on 3DS.  Last month, Nintendo released Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.  Mario and his green garbed little bro have been through a lot together.  They have explored outer space, competed in almost every existing sport, and even survived a trip to Bowser’s belly.  These guys may be seasoned adventurers, but are they prepared to enter the dream world?

This game didn’t get much media attention, but it is definitely worth checking out.  Continue reading for my review. -Greg Boe
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Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2 (N3DS eShop)

Mighty-Switch-Force-2-Result-Art (1)What do you get when you combine firefighting action with the puzzle genre? 

You can never go wrong with WayForward’s Mighty series.  In each title, you can expect perplexing puzzle-style gameplay and a lovely female protagonist.  Things haven’t changed with Mighty Switch Force! 2, the very first direct follow-up in the series of spiritual successors.

Is the lack of change a good thing?  You might find yourself surprised by my conclusion.  Find out in my review after the break. -Greg Boe
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Review: Shantae (N3DS Virtual Console)

Shantae-3DS-eShop-WayForwardMost of the Gameboy Color games I’ve played were a lot more basic than Shantae.

I was in grade school when I first played this game.  It was included on one of those old-school 50-in-1 GBC cartridges.  Looking back at it now, I wonder if all those games were pirated…  Dang it.  To make up for my lingering 6th grade guilt, I decided to download a copy on my 3DS the week it was released on the Virtual console.  Now that I’m older and in effect, a more experienced gamer, I could actually get further in this rather difficult adventure.

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