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Review: Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars (3DS)


Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars is a game that has been a trending topic in the world of gaming as of late, due its bizarre story and similarity to the Persona series.  Have you ever heard of a game where you make babies to save the world?  Well, now you have.  This labyrinth-crawling RPG (developed by Spike Chunsoft) was released to North America today on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.  The Vita version was made first, which makes this 3DS version a port.  In fact the kind folks at Atlus have even shared that they made fewer copies of the 3DS version compared to those on Sony’s handheld.  Say whaaaaat?

That being said, does it stand up to its original version, or would you be better off buying it for the Vita?  Find out in my review!

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Review: Cut the Rope: Triple Treat (3DS)

cut_the_rope_triple_treatAt first glance, this might look like a new game. In reality, it is a collection of previously released games, brought to Nintendo 3DS! Cut the Rope: Triple Treat includes the first three games in the popular mobile series: Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Is it worth the $29.99 price tag? It is a good fit for 3DS? Find out in my review!

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Review: Bravely Default (3DS)

Bravely Default Box ArtThis probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen the name Bravely Default.  If you haven’t then I would assume you are probably sharing the same first impression that we all had: “WHAT DOES THAT NAME EVEN MEAN?!”  I know; the developers couldn’t have picked a more awkward and confusing name if they tried.  Despite the strange name, it has done remarkably well in the West.  The game received overall positive reviews from critics, and even topped the spectacular launch sales of Fire Emblem: Awakening last year.  You’re probably asking, what’s the big deal with Bravely Default?  Why is it so great?  Find out in my review!

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Review: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (N3DS)

Pokemon-X-Pokemon-Y-Get-Cover-Art-Screenshots-ArtworkWe know, we know…  The Pokémon 3DS games came out SIX months ago.

Why then, did we wait so long to publish our thoughts?  With a game of this caliber, we thought it would be interesting to see how different we would rate it after there were less people freaking about it.  Now that the fire has died down a bit, this is the perfect time to put out an unbiased, informative analysis.  Are Pokémon X and Y must-have adventures for 3DS owners, or did they fall short of their lofty expectations?  Ryan and Greg will share their opinions in this review.

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Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition (Wii U)

Batman-Arkham-Origins-Blackgate-wallpapers-feature-pensive-Batman-sexy-Catwoman-1Warner Bros. has recently ported over the 3DS and PS Vita version of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. This time however, it has been ported over in HD for the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3. I could go on and on about the game and most of its treasures in detail but you know what? Someone already did that for me! Thank you Mr. Greg Boe.  To read  Greg’s review about the 3DS version, which has the same story line and controls please click here.  What I’m going to go into is the HD part as well as the features that were included just for the Wii U.

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Review: Skater Cat (3DS eShop)

Like cats? Like skating? Maybe you like both? Why not have both in one game?! Now you can! the eShop game Skater Cats is all about skating cats and more and more cats. Now it sounds a little a cheesy but it is quite challenging and addicting! This game is extremely challenging and fast paced, so you have to use your cat like reflexes.

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Review: Cube Tactics (3DS eShop)

During the lifetime of the 3DS, publisher Teyon has brought a vast library of games to the eShop.  Their latest game, Cube Tactics recently made its debut on the eShop, and we were able to go hands-on.  How does it hold up against the growing number of strategy games already available on the system?  Keep reading, and you’re sure to find out.

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Review: Yoshi’s New Island (3DS)

3DS_YoshisNewIsland_pkgI have never played a Yoshi’s Island game in my life.  I know, it sounds bad!!

Before playing Yoshi’s New Island, I read up on some of the reviews already written up on the interweb, and was staggered to see so many low scores.  After seeing these negative reviews, I decided that I needed to see for myself.  Let’s just say I’m glad I took the risk.

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Review: Weapon Shop de Omasse (3DS eShop)

Weapon Shop de Omasse - Nintendo ChargedEveryone loves a good RPG.  Whether you are exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, or leveling up, you are sure to have a blast doing it.  What if there was a game where you didn’t play as the adventurer in an RPG, but instead, their means of survival back at home?  Square Enix explored this idea in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King on WiiWare, but not in this way.  In Weapon Shop de Omasse, you live the humble life of an RPG shopkeeper.  Instead of going on adventures yourself, you’re renting out weapons for heroes.  You might be asking, is this even fun?  Find out in this review!

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Review: Tappingo (3DS eShop)


The Nintendo 3DS eShop is full of great games from every genre, but the puzzle genre is one I can never get enough of.  I just love games that leave you refreshed after playing, instead of burnt out and ready to go to bed.  Goodbye Galaxy Games has brought 3DS and DSi owners some great titles in the past few years, including Flipper and Ace Mathematician.  Tappingo is their latest game, which makes its debut on the Nintendo eShop in North America today.  Is it worth the download?  Find out in my review!

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Review: Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS eShop)

3DS_SteelDiverSW_021314_05Nintendo takes us on another deep-sea adventure – this time in a tactical FPS.  The genre-swap isn’t the only big deal about this new game.  Steel Diver: Sub Wars just so happens to be the very first free-to-play game from Nintendo.  Sure, there have been a few free promotions – most notably the temporary availability of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition on 3DS and DSi but this game was released, and will remain free of charge FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.  While the initial download is free, there is a premium version, which features more ships and single player missions.  I’ll let you know if they are worth the cash in this review.

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Review: Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder (3DS eShop)

N3DS_ChibiRoboPhotoFinder_Artwork_01How many pint-sized robots does it take to run a museum?  According to Nintendo, only one.  For the first time in a long time, a Chibi-Robo game has made it outside of Japan!  As the title eludes, our little robot pal is going on a photo scavenging adventure, but inside, you’ll find that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

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