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Pick up a Copy of Paper Mario 3DS For Only $19.99

Paper_Mario_Sticker_Star_051012_023You might be asking, where is this fantastic deal being held?  Best Buy, that’s where!  For a limited time, the retail store is selling Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the discounted price of $19.99.  This is half the regular price, so if you haven’t picked up a copy for yourself, this would be a good opportunity to do so!

Have you played this game yet? -Greg Boe (admin)

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Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (N3DS)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Box ArtPaper Mario has been a delightful series full of merriment and excitement–not to mention a whole lot of paper.  There have been a lot of mixed opinions regarding the recent publication of the latest installment, Paper Mario: Sticker Star.  Many publications have criticized the game for lacking a full storyline, and for using mostly Toads as NPCs.  Are there any redeeming qualities in this game?  You bet.  Since you’ve probably heard the negative reviews by now, this analysis will focus mostly on the reasons this game is still worth buying. -Greg Boe (admin)

What are you waiting for? Read on for the review!

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Update: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review is on the Way!

luigis_mansion_dark_moon_charactersWhile at PAX East, NCharged editor Dallas Clement picked up a copy of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.  When the game was announced back in 2011, he insisted that he should cover the review, so I’m keeping him to it!  Expect a review from him soon!  Also, I’m almost done with my reviews on Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Fire Emblem Awakening, which will both reviewed by the end of next week.

More reviews are on the way! -Greg Boe (admin)

Game of the Week: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (N3DS)

PM3DSart2People were really hard on Sticker Star.  I can understand why people missed the story, and that fans have been waiting since 2007 for a new Paper Mario, but nonetheless it’s a fantastic game.  The game does a great job at drawing you in, even when you only have a few minutes to play; something the other games couldn’t do with such a narrative-based structure.

I’ve only started playing the game as of this weekend, but once I’m done with it, I’ll probably write-up a review for those who still aren’t sure whether they want it or not.  If you enjoy RPGs and want something to play in short intervals while on the go, this is the one to buy.  Conversely, if you want a more immersive, customizable, and story-driven adventure, you’re better off with Fire Emblem: Awakening, which just released in retail stores, as well as the 3DS eShop. -Greg Boe (admin)

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Gets Release Dates

The release dates for Paper Mario: Sticker Star have been announced. North America Will be able to get their hands on the game November 11th. If you are one of our European friends however, you will have to wait until December 7th. So if you are waiting for this game, and I know I am, you don’t have to wait too much longer. Are you excited for the new Paper Mario game?

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Video: Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer

Check Out the Fantastic Story for Paper Mario: Sticker Star

With all the Wii U news recently, we are making it a goal to still bring you guys quality N3DS news, while other sites may just focus entirely on the upcoming console.  We’ve just gotten info on the storyline of Paper Mario: Sticker Star for 3DS, and it looks like we’ll be getting yet another great plot in the latest entry in the Paper Mario series.  Check it out below:

The story begins on the night of the Sticker Fest where the citizens come to witness the Sticker Comet fly by in the sky. It is said that the Sticker Comet will actually make wishes come true. Out of want for the comet Bowser decides to jump for it to take it as his own, but in the process breaks the Sticker Comet into pieces sprawling them across the Mushroom Kingdom. A crown happens to fall on Bowser’s head making him more powerful and he decides to kidnap Princess Peach.

It looks like poor Princess Peach is getting kidnapped for the hundredth time, and Bowser has gained a new form of power, while Mario is left to clean up the mess and save Peach.  What do you think of the story?

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star (N3DS) Box Art

Gameplay: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Gamestop Expo 2012)

PAX Prime: Nintendo Will Be Showcasing Wii U

From Aug. 31 (tomorrow) through Sept. 2 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center, Nintendo fans will be able to get their impatient hands on Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U, a new system that has a lot of consumers talking, at PAX Prime.  There will be tons of games for Nintendo fans to check out, including Pikmin 3, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge.  You won’t want to miss this!  Read more for more details and a titles list. Continue Reading →

Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion Make the 3DS a Must-Have

Many of you who are commenting on the site are still convinced that the Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing titles on Nintendo 3DS are all coming out on August 2, which is just a place holder, not the actual release date.  What I can tell you, is that both Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon are coming this holiday season, so the wait won’t be too much longer.  Both games are looking to be some of the best so far on the handheld, and are also two reasons why some of you bought your systems in the first place.  As for Animal Crossing 3DS, we probably have to wait until next year for its release in North America.  Which do you want more? Paper Mario or Luigi’s Mansion? -Greg Boe (admin)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star – Revealed For Nintendo 3DS

We’ve been seeing little videos and screenshots here and there from a new Paper Mario game on the Nintendo 3DS ever since the system was announced two years ago at E3 2010. Fast-forward two years later, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star was finally announced for Nintendo 3DS. In this new Paper-thin game, Mario can collect stickers hidden all over the land, and use them to his advantage during battles and more. This time around, Mario doesn’t earn experience points; Instead, Nintendo has a brand new concept for becoming more powerful plumber. After the break is the E3 2012 trailer from this new entry in the series everyone wants more from.  Continue reading for the content! -Greg Boe (admin) Continue Reading →