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Mario & Luigi Wii Remote Plus Designs – Coming Next Month

If you think your Wii Remotes are bland, you need some new ones.  That’s right, you need some that are designed after Mario & Luigi.  On November 1st, Nintendo is releasing two new Wii Remote Plus controllers that mirror the color schemes of Mario and his green garbed bro Luigi.  What do you think of these new colors?  Too much?  Let us know in the comments. -Greg Boe

Wii Sports Club Brings Wii Sports Alive on the Wii U

article_post_width_wii_sports_clubIf you bought a Wii anytime near it’s origin, you got the fantastic, revolutionary, motion-controlled system with a copy of the exploratory Wii Sports. This title came with 5 smaller games that not only taught the user to utilize this incredible tool but showed the exactness of the control offered by the then-new Wii controllers. Well, these games are making a comeback on the Wii U with a special payment system that is quite intriguing. First off, you get a free 24-hour pass when you first start up the game, which lets you play all of the sports. After this trial is up, a new pass will cost $1.99, but it will again allow you to play all these wonderful sports! (Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Bowling, and Golf) If you want unlimited access to one of these sports, you can spend $9.99 to get a club pass to that game! It’s a lot like belonging to a sports club in the real world! Expect not nearly as expensive! -Ryan Baxter

Will you be taking advantage of this wonderful title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Wii Fit U Direct

Nintendo Consoles’ Facebook Pages Are Uniting

WiiFacebook WiiUFacebook

Facebook is a place to find loads of other people that have similar interests to you, including gaming and the fabled “real world” that I keep hearing people talk about. Nintendo has had a few pages on this social site that is so critically acclaimed, including pages for each of their home consoles. Now, an interesting occurrence is coming to pass. Rather than maintaining all of these pages for Nintendo’s many, many consoles, they appear to be consolidating some of them (Wii and Wii U) into one page called “Nintendo Console Gaming” September 20th. The 3DS and DS are also combining into “Nintendo Handheld Gaming.” This should serve to bring older Nintendo gamers into the modern day with the Wii U and alert them to the beauty of this new console, as well as just uniting more people in their love of Nintendo! -Ryan Baxter

Will this change affect you at all? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Fan-Favorite Wii Games Get a New, Low Price

If you don’t own Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, or Wii Sports Resort, then you’ll want to read this.  Nintendo has lowered the price on these three fantastic games from $49.99 to $29.99 each.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Well, that’s really all there is to the story, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.  What do you think? -Greg Boe

Source: Nintendo PR

Europe: Exclusively on Wii U – 2013-2014 Lineup Trailer

Source: All Games Beta

Metroid Prime Trilogy Available in US for $85

It is extremely difficult to get a hold of a number of vintage Wii titles.  For instance, it was nearly impossible to purchase Xenoblade Chronicles for the system until GameStop re-listed the game for almost double the price.  Another rare title is the Metroid Prime Trilogy, which includes all three games in the series, and even adapts the controls of the first two games for the Wii remote and nunchuck.  North American retail chain GameStop has listed this collection online for a steep price of $85.  It may sound completely unreasonable, but if you take into account the fact that you’re practically buying three games for the price of two, it doesn’t seem all that bad.

Will you be taking advantage of this opportunity to get a pre-owned copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy?  The offer is only good while supplies last, so you might want to jump on this one before it’s too late. -Greg Boe

Source: GameStop

Xenoblade Available in US for $90

Xenoblade Chronicles

Now, some of you may notice at first glance that the price for this title might be a little bit high. However, this is not the case. While you may not want to dish out this much cash for a single game, I assure you there are sound economics at play here. You see, this title was previously only available in Japan, meaning that gamers over here in the states want it as badly as a young boy wants a new bike! Since so many people want it, Gamestop (the company currently selling this Japan-only title) can jack up the price way more than they have. Another consumer-friendly step taken by the gaming chain is the copies of the title they’ve brought over. We’ve been assured there’s plenty of these games to go around to anyone who wants them, making the low prices even more incredible. Sounds like a great opportunity, to me. -Ryan Baxter

Would you pay $90 for Xenoblade? Let us know in the comments below!

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Update: More reviews on the way

NCharged Update - Pixel ArtA few weeks back was reviews week, where we reviewed all the games we didn’t have the chance to get out before E3 2013.  With over 10 new reviews on the site, I was a bit burnt out for a bit, but I’ve gotten some new games to analyse for you.  This Sunday, a review on Shin Megami Tensei for Nintendo 3DS will go live.  Next week, I’m putting out my thoughts on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, while Ryan will publish a review on D3Publisher’s Turbo for the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U.  Also this month, I will be working on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for 3DS.  A few surprise reviews are in the tube, so get ready for an exciting August!

As you can see, Ryan and I are hard at work on new reviews for readers like you!  Stay tuned for the reviews, as well as daily content from us…well, every day. -Greg Boe

Bully series might be making a comeback

1375210564-bully-rockstarBack in 2006, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar games released Bully.  The game has been a topic of much discission, and is known for being very… scandalous.  Well, Take-Two recently filed a trademark for the series, which leads us to believe that there is a new title in the works.  You can bet your boots that we’ll be seeing it on Nintendo Wii U if this ends up becoming a reality.

Stay tuned for more info! -Greg Boe

Source: GameSpot

Rodea the Sky Soldier Resurfaces (Headed for Wii and 3DS)


Most of you have probably forgotten the old title Rodea the Sky Soldier by Kadokawa, which was announced for production three years ago and was made for the Wii and 3DS. It seemed to have fallen off of the earth for the past few years, when in fact it had simply lost the interest of the media.  But now, it’s back and coming strong, ready to make a name for itself in the gaming world, and the title’s hit early alpha with, according to the company president, 70% of the 3DS title complete. We should be enjoying this high quality title in only a few short months, and there is every chance that it will be well worth the wait. -Ryan Baxter

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on this game, as well as other Nintendo news!

Source: Nintendo World Report

TMNT Are Returning to the Gaming World

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Download

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been out of the gaming industry for quite some time, but this was one of the only series that were able to create a good tie in game (at least, in my humble opinion) throughout gaming history. There was a long period (about 7 years) when the TMNT series seemed dead and gone, but recently it’s gotten a revamp on Nickelodeon. With the new series has come a revamp in TMNT merchandise, which just so happens to include a new Activision video game that will be coming to Wii and 3DS that is hitting shelves in late October (22nd in North America, 23rd in Australia and Asia, 25th everywhere else). I find it interesting that they chose to skip the Wii U, personally. -Ryan Baxter

Are you excited for a new TMNT game? Let us know your feelings in the comments below!

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Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo Prizes Revealed


It’s the magical time of year when gamers that saved up for and bought loads of Nintendo games get a special thank you from the company. That’s right, Nintendo is giving away their Gold and Platinum prizes to all of those lucky players that logged enough of their games on the Club Nintendo website to make it to these grand tiers between July 1st of last year and June 31st of this year. This year brings with it some fantastic prizes. Here’s a list!: -Ryan Baxter

Platinum tier

  • Three Poster Set (Zelda, Luigi, and Pikmin 3)
  • Majora’s Mask Official Sound Track

Gold tier

  • 2014 Club Nintendo Calendar
  • Super Smash Bros. Download for Wii
  • Wario Ware D.I.Y. Showcase Download for Wii
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX Download for 3DS
  • Super Mario Land Download for 3DS
  • Sakura Samurai Download for 3DS
If you’re not a Club Nintendo member, you should definitely sign up! It’s a great program well worth the time!