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Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Airs This Tuesday

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some solid Super Smash Bros. news, but that’s about to change this Tuesday.  Nintendo recently shared that they will be holding a Nintendo Direct broadcast on Tuesday, April 8th, exclusively for the games on Wii U and 3DS.  Be sure to tune in to the link here at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. UK time) to watch the live stream.

My fingers are crossed for some more new characters!

Source: Nintendo of America

Mario Kart Producer Sheds Light on Improved Visuals in Mario Kart 8

2404984-wiiu_mariokart8_121813_scrn_01If you’ve seen any footage from Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, then you know how great it looks in action.  The lighting, frame-rate, HD visuals, and higher processing power of Wii U – all of these factors play a key part in making this the most visually stunning Mario Kart game to date.  The Wii U’s power has also made this the most graphically-stable game in the series.  Producer Hideki Konno recently shared some remarks on the presentation in the game:

We’re working with HD for the first time, and we really wanted to take advantage of that. We put a lot of effort into making this a good looking game–it’s a very pretty game.  This time with the power of the Wii U we really made an effort to keep that graphic quality high regardless of how many ways we were splitting the TV into.  Using the power of the Wii U, we were able to create a Mario Kart title that feels right, and the controls feel like they’re perfect for this game.

Fasten your seat belts, because Mario Kart 8 hits North America on May 30th.  Stay tuned for a preview on the game in the coming weeks before launch!  Who else is super excited?

Source: Wii U Daily

Watch the first 10 Minutes of Ubisoft’s Beautiful RPG, Child of Light [Video]

Ubisoft’s third title to utilize the revolutionary UbiArt framework is heading to Wii U this month!  Child of Light is an RPG where the concept art is the in-game graphics, thanks to the new engine.  This cuts down development time, and allows the developers at Ubisoft Montreal to take their ideas and put them directly in the game with ease.  Eurogamer was nice enough to post the first 10 minutes of gameplay from this adventure on their YouTube account, and without a commentary!  This way, you can enjoy the direct-feed footage without any distractions.

Check it out above this text.

Source: Wii U Daily

Retro City Rampage Sold more on 3DS than Xbox 360 version


The developers of the successful eShop title Retro City Rampage: DX have taken to Twitter to tell fans that the game made more money in it’s first month on 3DS than the Xbox Live Arcade did worldwide. Impressive, huh?

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out this fantastically nostalgic trip back to the 8-bit era on the 3DS eShop!

Check out Mr. Dacotah Dudley’s review here.

Source: My Nintendo News

Two Rainbow Road Tracks are Coming to Mario Kart 8

What’s better than one Rainbow Road course?  The answer is simple: TWO Rainbow Road courses!  Since the start of the series, each Mario Kart game has featured one new Rainbow Road track, but Nintendo has decided to change that.  In Mario Kart 8, you will be able to race on the fan-favorite N64 version as well.  Game director Kosuke Yabuki says:

Rainbow Road of course is a classic course. This time we actually grabbed Rainbow Road N64 version in addition to the current iteration of Rainbow Road. So we hope you look forward to racing on both of those courses. One thing I do want to mention is Rainbow Road, that final course. We really want you to look forward to what we’ve done to it this time because it’s something else. It’s really spectacular.

Also, some of you are aware of the rumor that this installment would feature a track editor, but the developers have put that to rest.  Here’s why, according to game producer Hideki Konno:

With regards to course editing, and letting users create and edit their own courses, it’s something that I’m interested in, and I’ve been interested in for a long time. It’s a fun feature. However, with Mario Kart, courses are key to the series, and it’s really tough. This is the eighth game in the series, and when we work on a Mario Kart title, we work on courses, and we create them, and then we work on them again, and again, and we revise until we come up with something that we think will be fun for everyone to play.

More Mario Kart 8 news is on the way, right here on Nintendo Charged!

Source: Wii U Daily

Review: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (N3DS)

Pokemon-X-Pokemon-Y-Get-Cover-Art-Screenshots-ArtworkWe know, we know…  The Pokémon 3DS games came out SIX months ago.

Why then, did we wait so long to publish our thoughts?  With a game of this caliber, we thought it would be interesting to see how different we would rate it after there were less people freaking about it.  Now that the fire has died down a bit, this is the perfect time to put out an unbiased, informative analysis.  Are Pokémon X and Y must-have adventures for 3DS owners, or did they fall short of their lofty expectations?  Ryan and Greg will share their opinions in this review.

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Cult County is Now on Kickstarter, No Longer Coming to 3DS

Renegade Kid previously told fans that survival horror Cult County was coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but there has been a few changes.  First, the game is now being funded via Kickstarter.  This was an awesome decision on the developer’s end, and I’m looking forward to seeing them reach their $580,000 goal (because we know they will).  Well, have fun watching the Kickstarter video above!

Source: Kickstarter

There is No Plan for a Watch Dogs Demo at This Time

watch_dogs_dedsecWatch Dogs seems like it has been in the works for absolutely ages! In fact, we’ve been hearing about the game since last July! At this point in development, the gamers of the world are getting very hungry for new content, and while some are content with the gameplay videos that are released now and again, it seems that many require something more, something interactive. Something, perhaps, in the form of a demo. Sadly, the creative director for the game, Jonathan Morin, has informed the Twitter-sphere that no such demo would be coming, sad news to us all. He’s also informed us that more of these videos will be coming in lieu of the demo experience! Stay tuned for more Watch Dogs news!

Source: Twitter

Wii U Update Released

wii-u-system-updateAttention, Chargers! If you haven’t turned on your Wii U in a few days, you will be prompted with an update to your console! Don’t worry, this one shouldn’t take too long to download, no more than a few minutes before you can get back to your gaming experience. What is the reasoning behind this update? What do we gain? Why, it’s that all important stability update! That’s right, the overall Wii U experience is becoming even smoother! Be sure to get this download as soon as you can!

Source: Nintendo America

Nintendo is Making the VC Experience Even More Nostalgic

GBAMegaglareNow, I’m not sure about all the other Chargers out there, but when I was a kid, there was always one part of a game that I enjoyed as a great point of the gaming experience. An interesting point: not a bit of programming was involved in its development. Have you guessed what it is yet? That’s right, the companion booklet that seemed to come along with every game in the early days! Man, I loved those things. If I got a new game, you would see me every day at school with that booklet, memorizing every detail and throwing it in the face of all of my friends. Ah, memories. Anyways, now that is sort of coming back, in a virtual, less transportable format. Many of the Game Boy Advanced games that have hit the Wii U virtual console are starting to feature the original manuals that came with the old games. Man, it’s going to be a trip down memory lane! Be sure to pick up a few GBA games on the Wii U VC!

Source: Twitter

This is What Smash Bros. on 3DS Looks Like Without the Bold Outlines

smash_3ds_linesSince the standard 3DS has a pretty small screen, the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game will feature characters with black outlines.  This helps you keep an eye on the action, even when the screen zooms out.  Want to get rid of these bold edges?  No problem.  Series producer Masahiro Sakurai previously shared that you are able to set the thickness of the outlines, or turn them off altogether.  Above is a comparison screenshot showing the difference in appearance.  It looks a lot more like the Wii U version without the outlines.  What’s your preference?

Source: Siliconera

Senran Kagura 2 Debut Trailer Unveils New Costumes and Gameplay

What’s a week at Nintendo Charged without Senran Kagura news?  A boring week, that’s what!  Today, we have a new trailer from the upcoming Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson on 3DS.  This is actually the first trailer from the game, so you can expect some solid chunks of gameplay footage in the video above.  The game comes to Japan on August 7th.  Due to the over-the-top, busty nature of this series, it’s probably not a good video to watch while at work.  I could have just put it after the break, but whatevs.  You’ve been warned!

Source: Siliconera