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3DS XL Circle Pad Covers On Their Way

There have been a good deal of accessories for the 3DS and the 3DS XL that greatly improve the aesthetic from the wonderful beauty that Nintendo developed. This has ranged from skins to useful extra circle pads and even special charms to dangle off your device. Well, this new accessory is very small, almost negligible, but could really accent your system, if it is used correctly. The entire accessory, from Cyber Gadget, is just a cap that goes over your circle pad so that it doesn’t get scratched and tattered after long ours of use and it gives a nice change or color, or maybe not if you so desire. Regardless, it’s a wonderful addition to your system if you can get your hands on it (we currently expect it to be available only in Japan). -Ryan Baxter

While this may not be a game-changing accessory, but it certainly adds something to the system! Keep us with Nintendo Charged for the latest news in the gaming world as it is revealed!

Source: Nintendo Everything

Monster Hunter 3DS XL Cases Now Available for Pre-Order

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is going to be hitting the shelves this March so Capcom decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to make some more money. To get those eager beavers that want to define their gaming lives by a single series, we will be seeing the 3DS XL and 3DS Monster Hunter themed cases. They are currently available for pre-order on the Capcom store if you’re that eager for this protector. A note on the case itself: it is aluminum, preventing information theft from hackers or aliens, with a picture of Brachydios and has some nice felt on the inside to make your 3DS system feel comfortable while it’s protected. Also, if you want to use accessories, the case can be adjusted accordingly. -Ryan Baxter

This is a great case, regardless of whether or not you like the Monster Hunter series, and be sure to check out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate this March.

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Nintendo 3DS Save Data Tool Coming to Japan in March

Great news for 3DS owners! Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata has announced, during a special video update on Friday, an additional accessory for the 3DS. The tool, which will give 3DS owners the ability to move save date from their game cartridges to the digital versions, is set to be released in Japan in March, but hopefully, it will reach US shores soon afterwards.

Iwata declined to give more information on the tool, but in due course, we should learn more, so stay tuned for more on this story as it breaks! -Adam Keene

SOURCE: My Nintendo News

Latest 3DS System Update Kills Flashcards

Flashcards…  Oh God, how I hate them so.  Flashcards have attempted to destroy the gaming industry by stealing software for games.  Anyone who uses them should, in my opinion, be guilty of theft.  Anyways, Nintendo has decided to lower piracy rates on the 3DS by disabling flashcard makers the ability to update their device’s software.  They have done so via the latest firmware upgrade on the 3DS.  It’s about darn time.

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MGS:Snake Eater 3D – Accesories Revealed


For extreme fans of Solid Snake, the thoughts “Why aren’t I carrying things in a MGS bag?” and ” Why isn’t my 3DS camouflaged with pictures of MGS characters on it?” are common ones. Soon, these wants can become reality. Konami and Hori are joining forces to create tons of fun 3DS accessories, including covers, stickers, styluses, and pouches! With these, anyone will be able to tell your a Metal Gear Solid fan from miles away, and you just might see a couple of exclamation marks appear above other fans heads, as now they know that you share a common interest! This accessory kit, which will be released on the Japan release date of March 8th, is sure to begin many new friendships! - Ryan Baxter

Source: Siliconera

Nyko’s NEW Power Grip + Power Saver!

When you play 3DS, you may find your hand falling asleep after so long. This is based on the shape of the 3DS and the way that it is naturally held. However, there is a solution. The Nyko Power Grip solves this problem. It is an attachment for the 3DS that has grooves on the bottom, allowing the 3DS to be comfortably played until it runs out of power! This won’t happen soon, either, because of the other ability this attachment offers. It acts as a rechargeable battery pack that you mount on the back of the 3DS. This can extend the battery life up to 3 hours! Now you can play your 3DS even longer without being tied to a wall! - Ryan Baxter

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3DS Wheel Accessory to Be Released Alongside Mario Kart 7

When Mario Kart Wii was released in 2008, gamers were introduced to the awesomeness of the Wii Wheel accessory.  Mario Kart 7 will be racing to the Nintendo 3DS this December, and there will be a new 3DS Wheel accessory that will be sold (separately) alongside the game in Japan.  There’s no word yet on a release in other regions, but you should expect to hear more about it during November.  To me, this clunky accessory takes the “portable” out of portable gaming, but it could prove to be very fun to use while at home.  What do you think, readers?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments! - Greg Boe (admin)

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