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Photo Attachments Headed to Miiverse


It has been announced that Miiverse users will soon be able to add photos in the Miiverse. No further details have been released, but we will keep you all updated. It’s not certain whether or not regular Miiverse users will be able to add photos, or if it’s limited to Nintendo staff and other authorized users. Although I see no reason why they wouldn’t make it available to everyone. - Tommy Robinson 

Source: My Nintendo News

Watch Dogs Will Be Equal Across All Platforms


Jonathan Morin has revealed that the experience for Watch Dogs will be equal across all consoles. So you can pick whatever works best for you, one version won’t be any better than the other. Except the PS4 version may look better than the others, as Jonathan stated, but the same experience is there on all consoles. I think it will be pretty interesting to see a graphics difference from PS4 to the Wii U and other consoles.

Are you planning on purchasing Watch Dogs? I know I am. -Tommy Robinson

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Disney Infinity “Cars” Playset Announced


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Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Released Today in North America


Today it has been revealed through Nintendo that the Lost Bloodlines maps are available today. You can get it off the eShop for 3 bucks, which is a great price. You will be rewarded Leif as a playable character. I think it is great to see that they are getting DLCs through the eShop like they promised. If you feel like getting all 3 maps, you only need to shell out 6 dollars.

Do you think we’ll see more DLC on the eShop? -Tommy Robinson

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Rayman Legends Challenge Mode Due In April On The Wii U


Rayman Legends will have an exclusive Wii U challenge mode, this April. This will be coming to the eShop for free, and will replace the demo of the game.  The “Challenge Mode” will have an abundance of challenges which are updated daily. This will not be restricted like a demo would be. Everyone is getting in on the challenges, and I mean everyone.

Developers will be competing as well so it should be some good fun. -Tommy Robinson

Review: Murder on the Titanic (eShop)

i_36257Ah, the great Titanic. Everyone remembers it as the ship you know, the huge one. The ship that sunk in the ocean and broke in half killing tons. But in this game, there were some deaths previous to the sinking. It is up to you to be a detective and find the murderer. This game has a pretty hefty price tag, so is it worth downloading?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out! -Tommy Robinson Continue Reading →

Pikmin 3 Will Feature Off-TV Play

PIKMIN3LOGONintendo has confirmed that Pikmin 3 will be playable off-TV. So this is one of those games that you will find useful for when your mom wants to watch one of her boring shopping shows and you want to play your Wii U. It will be pretty useful playing the game on your GamePad in situations like this. Pikmin 3 still hasn’t been given it’s release date, but you should expect it to launch this spring -Tommy Robinson

“You can play this game only with Wii U GamePad. If it is hard to imagine what it will be like, maybe you can recall the visuals of the original “Pikmin” for Nintendo GameCube and imagine how you can play it with the smaller but more detailed screen in your hands. The two control sticks of Wii U GamePad will let you play this game more comfortably and, with a TV screen, the gyro sensor inside Wii Remote Plus will further help your gameplay.” -Shigeru Miyamoto

Source: My Nintendo News

Grand Theft Auto V Delayed Until September


Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V was set to release this spring. Unfortunately for the fans of the game, it has been delayed until September 17th. GTA V is certainly going to be a big game when it releases. Rockstar has had their fair share of big games in the past, such as Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, and Grand Theft Auto IV, so if they think they need to delay, then I trust them. This isn’t exactly bad news because Rockstar wanted extra development time. A previous Nintendo 3DS title, Kid Icarus: Uprising, was delayed and turned out to be probably one of the best 3DS titles to date.  Some other bad news is it has not been confirmed to release on the Wii U or PC, but you can hope to play it on something other than Xbox 360 or PS3 because there have been many rumors lately that they are developing it for the Wii U. -Tommy Robinson

Who knows! They could possibly be delaying it to work on a Wii U version, right?

Review: Crashmo (N3DS eShop)

crashmo_112812_1600Are you looking for a good game to download from the eShop? Well I’m pretty sure you’re only willing to spend your money on a game that will keep you entertained. Maybe you have heard of the game Pushmo from one of your friends, and heard it’s a good game. Maybe you’ve played Pushmo, but you’re probably wondering the same thing, “Should I download Crashmo?”  This is exactly what this review will help you decide. Keep reading for the review! -Tommy Robinson Continue Reading →

Next Nintendo Direct Conference Will Announce More Miiverse Details


Iwata recently confirmed he will soon be hosting a Nintendo Direct to show off functionality of Miiverse. Iwata did not give an exact date, but we should expect to see it before the launch of the Wii U. -Tommy Robinson

Source: My Nintendo News

Review: Robot Rescue 2 (DSiWare)

If you like games that challenge your brain, Teyon has you covered. Robot Rescue 2 is a puzzle type game, and there are many other games by Teyon the same genre. Whenever I get a game to review depending on the price I might get skeptical, I was definitely curious about this game and it turned out better than I thought. Its called Robot Rescue 2 so there’s a first one right? Does that mean this game is fun because the first game was a success?  That’s what I am here to figure out. Keep reading for the review! -Tommy Robinson


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Mass Effect 3 Wii U Developer: Wii U Is A Powerful Versatile Machine

Ok we keep hearing this a lot, or things similar to this from developers. Well needless to say the Wii U is more powerful than everyone expected. It has a multi-core cpu, modern gpu, and 2 gigs of ram. the developer Straight Right, (handling Mass Effect 3 port) says the Wii U is easy to develop for and is a powerful and versatile machine. Tom Crago said the following:

“We’ve really enjoyed working on the Wii U. It’s a powerful, versatile machine and fairly painless to code for. From an architecture standpoint it’s straightforward and really just allows developers to get down to the business of making games.”

Well I have posted a lot of articles about the Wii U being more powerful than developers expected. It should be pretty obvious now, that the Wii U is a very powerful machine and we can expect a lot of ports from Xbox and PlayStation systems. Are you excited for the Wii U? -Tommy Robinson

Source: Wii U Daily