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Super Mario 3D Land Takes #1 Spot In Japan

Super Mario 3D Land topped the Japanese sales chart on the week starting October 31st, with 343,492 copies sold of Mario’s first Nintendo 3DS adventure. Super Mario 3D Land triumphed over massive releases, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and Battlefield 3.  Sales of the Nintendo 3DS were much stronger than the previous week, with retailers shifting 145,271 3DS units, 80,230 more than the previous week. - Mark

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Nintendo to Host Nintendo 3DS Press Conference on October 21st

Nintendo of Japan has announced that a press conference regarding the Nintendo 3DS will take place in Tokyo on Friday, October 21. Nintendo is expected to cover subjects that weren’t covered in the September 13th conference. You can expect Nintendo to shed some light on the features that will come with the November system update for the Nintendo 3DS. The event will be live streamed here. - Mark

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Brand New Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney Screenshots

Note: This is the 600th article on this site, woo!

Are you thirsty for some Professor Layton and Ace Attorney goodness? Well, Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney may be the game for you! Sadly, Level 5 is still yet to announce whether a localisation for North America and Europe will be produced. Instead, we can enjoy a couple of screenshots which were released at the Level-5 Vision event. Click here to view those screenshots! - Mark

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Brand New Batch of Inazuma Eleven Go Screenshots Released

Inazuma Eleven Go is unlikely to get localised for the North American market, however, we can enjoy a new batch of screenshots from the recent Level-5 Vision event.  You can check out more screenshots here. - Mark

Source: Nintendo 3DS Connect

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Frozen City Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Sherlock Holmes will be appearing in his first case on the Nintendo 3DS in the first half of 2012. Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Frozen City will be the world renowned detective’s appearance on the 3DS, with Focus Home Interactive being responsible for it. Our friend Holmes finds himself investigating a freak snowstorm in London.  Continue reading for more details! - Mark Continue Reading →

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS) Gets a North American Release Date

XSEED games has revealed that, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter for the original Nintendo DS is scheduled to hit North American stores on September 27th.  Solatorobo: Red the Hunter features beautiful graphics and a very well crafted single player mode, so be sure to check it out. - Mark

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Review: Elite Beat Agents (DS)

The rhythm based games genre has seen a boom ever since the Guitar Hero and Dance Dance series hit stores. Early in the Nintendo DS’ life, they were not any rhythm based games available for it apart from Elite Beat Agents. Elite Beat Agents, developed by iNIS and published by Nintendo was one of the first attempts at a rhythm game for the DS. Was it a great first attempt? Let’s find out.  Continue reading for the review! - Mark K. Continue Reading →

First trailer of Beyond the Labyrinth

Konami has released the first trailer of Beyond the Labyrinth, sadly it’s in Japanese. The trailer is quite short; it’s not even a minute long, but I think the game looks quite good, and the animation looks pretty fluid. Click here to view it! - Mark (Assistant Admin)

ATV Wild Ride 3D Announced by Jools Watsham, Looking for a Publisher

Renegade Kid’s Jool Watsham has announced ATV Wild Ride 3D, a sequel to the well received ATV Wild Ride for the Nintendo DS. Currently the game doesn’t have publisher, but it boasts four player online play and four player local play. You can perform dozens of airborne tricks, and if you land three “hard” tricks you enter  “Wild Ride” mode; increasing your overall speed for a short period of time. Wild Ride 3D will feature 24 tracks, which are upgraded from the last game.

It’s sounding pretty awesome, and I hope that Renegade Kid get this game out before December, when Mario Kart 7 will be launched.  Check out some gameplay after the break! - Mark Continue Reading →

Review: Cubic Ninja (3DS)

Cubic Ninja for the Nintendo 3DS is a completely new take on the somewhat dry Labyrinth formula.  Does it succeed or is it simply a glorified iPhone app?  Let’s find out.  Continue reading for the review! - Mark Continue Reading →

4.3 Million Nintendo 3DS Units Sold So Far

The folks at Nintendo have revealed their financial results for Q1 2011.  They’re not terrible, but I can certainly see why Nintendo chose to cut the Nintendo 3DS price.  According to the results, Nintendo has sold 4.3 million units of the 3DS so far.  That’s a rise of 700,000 units from launch. That isn’t that much, but it should be expected seeing as there’s not been a lot of great games released for the Nintendo, we’re only just getting games like Ocarina of Time 3D and The Mercenaries 3D.  Nintendo have revealed that 13.96 million units of software have been sold so far, which is quite a success.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Weekly 3DS Discussion| The Nintendo eShop

This is one of the features I’ve been thinking about doing for quite sometime now. Weekly Discussion (kind of like Iwata Asks) is when me and Greg discuss Nintendo 3DS related stuff. It can be anything from a game to even Hideki Konno.

Weekly Discussion is here to let you readers know about me and Greg’s raw opinions of subjects, something I tend not to do when I write regular articles. Sometimes Greg and I may completely agree on something, sometimes we may not. These discussions are not artificial, they are real.

Weekly Discussion will be posted every Monday! Hit the break to find out about what me and Greg think of Nintendo’s latest online endeavor! - Mark Continue Reading →