Sega to Announce a New Sonic the Hedgehog Title

Sonic UnleashedIt’s been a while since we’ve seen a Sonic game, and we all know that Sonic’s been having a pretty hard time since 2006. Sega seems to be taking another stab at the Sonic game thing, with a new title to be announced next month. It would be great to see something new and exciting from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, or at least an interesting form of the old gameplay we all grew to love as children. However, it seems that the last statement is all that we can hope for, as the new game is going to be a side scrolling adventure. This could be wonderful or terrible, as we’ve seen both in recent games, but we are expecting this title to be available on all major recent platforms.

We’ll be getting more information on February 2nd (Hedgehog day) in honor of their blue, speedy hero. Be sure to check NCharged that day for the latest news on this new game! -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

  • L

    If they just made another Sonic Adventure game(with the chaos of course) then maybe that could help with it. I know I would buy another Adventure game, they are amazing.

  • SonicWarrior

    I hate how people just ignore the best two titles that have come to the series in years, just to jab at a mess that happened in 2006…. Let it go, things are better now.

  • Ryan Baxter

    Things are getting better, true, but I’m still waiting for the shock and awe that used to come with each new Sonic title.

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