European Wii U Release Date on Amazon

The great online trading site, Amazon, has been an answer to many of our trading needs. Whether it be that we need to buy something that no one is selling, or sell something no one is buying, Amazon brings us together to solve all of our problems! Recently, Amazon noted that the Wii U will be available for purchase in Europe on December 21st. Not quite quick enough to get under the tree, but still, it’s nice to know the date. Though the Wii U is supposed to be available before this date, it has been rumored that the European release date has been pushed back to Christmas. On the subject of pricing, the Wii U is listed at $440, which is about 350 Euros, but that may change. This is surely a huge update in the Wii U story, so get your pocketbooks ready and be sure to get your name on the order list before it’s full! Do you think this is the real release date?

Source: My Nintendo News

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