Review: Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D (N3DS eShop)

Out of all the companies (besides Nintendo themselves), Teyon has been the most supportive of Nintendo Charged.  We’ve reviewed a few of their eShop titles, and you can expect to see more from us in the future.  Their latest title?  Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D.  On the Nintendo 3DS eShop, you’ll find tons of games (and apps) available for download for only two bucks.  Yeah, pretty awesome.  The thing is, there are also a lot of crummy games on the eShop mixed in with the real gems.  We’d like to help sort out these titles for you.  Is this game crummy, or a good buy?  Continue reading for more.

When adapting to the control scheme, the first thing that came to mind was, “Hey, it has similar controls to Kid Icarus: Uprising!” While the controls may be similar, this game is much different, and would be better described as a casual shooter, similar to games like Duck Hunt.  After playing the game thru a few times, I was a bit upset that the one and a half-minute stage, and single backdrop were all you were given.  But at the same time I was like, “Two bucks?  I guess it’s worth it”.  So I would really say your decision should be based upon whether or not you enjoy this genre.  I mean, I had some fun!

Teyon is a great supporter of this site, and has had some pretty great titles on the eShop, but we always make sure to write un-biased reviews, hence the review score (below) on this one.  Is Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D crummy?  Not really.  But is it a good buy?  I’d say you’d have to like games like this for you to really feel like your money was well spent.  There are some better choices for games on the eShop, but if you don’t want to spend $10 on games like Dillon’s Rolling Western, or $40 on New Super Mario Bros. 2, I’d encourage you to try out the games from Teyon like this one.

Love it? Hate it? Never Played it?  Let us know in the comments.

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