The Wii U Control Pad to Feature NFC Reader

We already know that the Wii U control pad is going to be the main attraction of the Wii U. Recently, a bit of information about the control pads ability rose to the surface. Naturally, we scooped it up, and now we’re bringing it to you! Because you seem to like that. The Wii U will feature an NFC reader, which many of you will be thinking “Wat dat?” Well, NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is the technology that people use when they flash their phone or credit card across a screen, and their transaction is made, as if by magic. The uses in the Wii U will likely be to add content or characters that you buy elsewhere or receive with the game, not unlike the idea with the Spyro Skylanders game. This will bring a whole new angle of play to the Wii U, that we otherwise would not be able to access! What do you think?

Source: My Nintendo News

Fact: The Japanese in the picture says “Rida to raita” which means reader and writer.

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