How Miiverse is Different From Other Systems’ Online Servers

A huge part of the ability to connect to the internet is the ability to connect to your friends. Many systems make small steps toward this goal, but, for the most part, you won’t use it for more than saying “Invite pls” or “gg.” Nintendo is hoping to make their online features more than this. In fact, Nintendo is trying to create a new social media site, only accessible through the Wii U and 3DS. The difference will be that this social site will be exclusively gamers, so no awkward chat of “Hey! What’s your fav game?”  to be met with “I don’t play games.” Everyone that you meet in this world will most likely be a gamer, and it will be easier to meet gamers that prefer your style of gaming as well! This will definitely be a place that you’ll want to plug into when it’s up, and will surely be a success! What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

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