It’s All About the Game

Looking for a fresh new Youtube Series? One that happens to be video game themed, and has decent acting?  Have I got news for you!   Veteran youtuber, Freddie  Wong has finally released the entire  first season of Video Game Highschool (VGHS), and it’s already promising to become an outstanding web series.  The show tells the story of Brian D, a young highschooler who gets accepted to VGHS after accidentally pwning highly acclaimed fps gamer: “The Law”.  The show makes some pretty hilarious video game references without  ever seeming lame, and that’s a pretty big deal.  What else?  VGHS includes cameos from famous folks such as iJustine, Freddie Wong, Epic Meal Time‘s  Harley Morenstein, Chuck‘s Zachary Levi, and more!  So what are you waiting for?  Check out the first episode after the break, and if you like what you see, spread the word! -Dallas B.

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Hi! I'm Dallas B. I could answer a question on pretty much any game in existence, but my favorite series would have to be The Legend of Zelda. Stay tuned to NCharged for more posts from me, and all of the other awesome editors on this site! Adios!

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