Assassin’s Creed Takes a Lesson From Mario

Mario is one of the most successful series in the gaming world. Most people assume Mario whenever games are mentioned, and evidently the creators of Assassin’s Creed want this same infamy. Ubisoft has noted that they are no longer viewing their franchise as a series of games, but rather as a franchise. This series stole many hearts in its early points, but does it really have the back story capabilities to sustain a franchise set-up for very long. It is very likely that the games will quickly run out of eras in the past to base games off of and will have to travel into the future, like the Call of Duty franchise. Also, Nintendo has much more flexibility for game styles than Ubisoft has with the AC series, and Mario isn’t just based on assassination attempts. What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

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