The Last Story Suffers from Delays

The Last Story has been in the hype for a while, but it appears that, even though we should have the game by now, it is being kept hidden from the public’s eye, and out of our hands. This is interesting, as it appears that they have been shipped. Logically, if they have the games, you’d think they would put them out on the shelves. There are three main reasons that this could happen, at least that I could think of. The first is that there was some legal trouble with the game that prevented the release, but I think we would have heard about that, and plenty of money would have been spent to keep the game on its release schedule. The second idea is that there was some major shipping error, which could include some desk boy at XSeed having missed a signature or command to get the games in boxes, or even someone showing up to the post office just as their closing(not very likely for a company of this scale). The last idea is a bit more sadistic. It consists of greed from the owners of XSeed trying to starve the public of the game so that they will be more eager to buy it when these “delays” are finished. What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

  • RockD79

    GameStops don’t have it yet. It’s not being stored in their back rooms. They did however, receive the promo cd that’s given with the preorder purchase. I was told check back tomorrow. It doesn’t look likely though. I still haven’t received the text message from corporate yet. Usually, get a text the day before it hits the stores.

  • Anonymous

    Dang! I’m starting to get worried!

  • RockD79

    Still haven’t received text from GameStop yet. However, Xseed did post a press release stating that they shipped the game.

  • RockD79

    Just called my store. They’re not in yet. Was told it would be in by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

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