GameStop Ranked 10th Worst Company to Work for

Not too long ago, we were discussing the possibility of games taking a turn to the electronic era, which would eliminate physical copies and destroy companies like GameStop that make their money off of this product. However, many of the people that would be loosing their jobs in this exchange would be better off at nearly any other job(There are only 9 that are worse in the U.S.). The main complaint seems to draw from the fact that the company seeks only sales and pre-orders, with no chance to return the purchased merchandise for fair payment. I can vouch for this fact. Many games that are pre-oredered are not worth the money that you pay for, and when you go to return it, rather than being offered, oh, say, 70% of the money that you paid, you are offered about $5 for a game that they resell for about the original price. Many salespeople find this to be unsatisfying and wish for more focus on the customer than the money in the corporate pocket. This definitely would be remedied by the transfer to digital games. What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

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