Rumor: Nintendo Land Won’t Be Bundled With Wii U?

It’s safe to say That Nintendo really wants us to like Nintendo Land, and while I would agree with many of you that Nintendo could have done a better job at announcing this game at E3, if you can look past that, there’s a lot of potential hidden beneath.  Well, rumor has it, that Nintendo Land won’t be bundled with the Nintendo Wii U.  Yep, you heard me. has priced the game for £69.99, so many are saying that it won’t come with the Wii U at all.  I’m still not sure though, mainly because a game can be sold separately, and also bundled with a system.  What do you think? -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: My Nintendo News

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  • Christian

    I really hope this game comes bundle :/

  • Caden Manon

    I’ve seen Nintendo Land in the Deluxe Set of the Wii U, but if I get the normal Wii U (which is only bundled with New Super Mario Bros. U), will Nintendo Land be in stores?

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