Epic: Next Generation Graphics Leap Like ‘Batman Going From Adam West To Dark Knight Rises’

Mark Rein ( Unreal Engine 4 studio Epic Games) believes that the next gen-graphics will have a huge leap. He believes that the graphics will be like leaping from Adam West’s Batman to Christian Bales in The Dark Knight Rises (A pretty awesome movie if you haven’t seen it). Which sounds like a pretty huge leap to me. He believes that once you get used to the new graphics its hard to go back to the old ones. Below is what he had to say.

“Pushing the visuals will always be important. Humans evolve very slowly (over millions of years) but their tastes evolve at exponentially faster rates. This is true for pretty much all forms of entertainment and media.”

“During my own brief lifetime thus far I’ve gone from watching the Adam West Batman shows of the ‘60s to watching Christian Bale’s Dark Knight today. It’s hard to go back to watch the older series, and people generally don’t.”

“Their expectations evolve as new technologies become commonplace. Think of what mobile games looked like before the iPhone came out, and that was only five years ago!”

The Wii U is coming out and it will have great visuals, we have yet to see the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft. I’m pretty sure the consoles will be great but the games will blow us away as well! What do you think the next generation of consoles will be like? Tell Us In The Comments! -Tommy Robinson

Source: My Nintendo News

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