Crytek: Consoles Are In Danger Of Falling Behind Tablets

Tablets may make video game consoles “unused”, Cevat Yerli CEO of Crytek warns. As tablets these days keep getting better and better, they may take the spot of home consoles. He believes that the current generation of consoles has gone on too long, and he also believes that gamers soon may reach for their tablets when it comes to game time, instead of regular home consoles.

“The current generations are drying out, and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games. Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind.”

I do agree but think its taking over more on handhelds instead. When I see my friends wanting to buy the new iPod or iPad for their mobile gaming, instead of the 3DS. I still don’t understand why people would rather play Angry Birds instead of playing great games you can only find on the 3DS, Such as Mario Kart 7. I usually only play mobile games on my phone when I’m in class during a boring lecture or when I’m at work.  I partially agree I just think it’s actually slowly eating away at  handhelds rather than consoles. Comment away! -Tommy Robinson

Source: My Nintendo News

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  • Christian

    Tablets and Gaming Consoles are two different things Tablets are like for Searching on the Web, on you tube and for Downloading Apps and stuff a Gaming Console is for Playing Games even if the Consoles now and day can also go to the Web and use You Tube and Tablet Games will never be good as the Games on Gaming Console! :)

    • Tommy Robinson

      i agree! everyone should feel like that unfortunately theres alot of people that think tablets are for gaming which for some reason drives me nuts.

  • Andy

    People who are solely console gamers are under the impression that the only games available for iOS and android systems are the casual games like angry birds or fruit ninja. They don’t seem to search very hard for games on the iOS because if they did, they’d find a wealth of ‘hqrdcore’ titles.

    Has anyone here seen the new dark knight rises game on the iOS? It’s a fully featured, open world game similar to arkham city with graphics and gameplay similar to that title and costs only $7 on top if that. Then there’s dead space on the iOS which features practically everything the console versions have. Tablets and smartphones are definitey catching up to consoles.

    • Tommy Robinson

      andy, i know that there are games like that so i decided to buy the batman game because i just love batman and i personally don’t like using my fingers on a tiny screen to play games. it makes the controls harder and it’s just a hassle to play. that was the case for batman. also the ios games they actually dont have as good as graphics as xbox or ps3 or wii. it probably has around the last gen of console graphics. the ios doesn’t have nearly as much texturing and shading as this gen consoles. the ios games are pretty fun but i still prefer a controller in my hand. i’m sure the next gen consoles will have graphics that completely blow away all tablets. but we have yet to seen any of these yet. i agree tablets are definitely catching up to consoles but i think there will be some people who will never abandon their consoles.

  • Purple Pikmin

    Agreed. I just wish gaming handhelds had games that inexpensive!

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