What Characters Would YOU Love to See in Smash Bros.?

With every new Super Smash Bros. game comes some awesome new characters, and I know all of you are super excited for the next entry in the series, which is slated for a release on both the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.  Hopefully, we’ll see all the series veterans, but what other characters would you want?  I think Sora (or any other Kingdom Hearts character) would be a perfect fit for this crossover fighter, but also characters like Ivy from SoulCalibur, or Luke from Tales of the Abyss would be nice to see as well, since Namco Bandai is working on the game’s development, alongside Project Sora.  Maybe well see Sonic the Hedgehog again?  Who do you want to see in the next Smash Bros.? -Greg Boe (admin)

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  • http://pconley2004@yahoo.com Shinobi100

    Snake? Snake?? Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

    So, ya, I want to see the return of Solid Snake

  • 3DS Fanboy

    How cool would it be to see Tekken characters in SSB? OMG it would rock. Also, I hope to see snake again too :)

    • http://nintendocharged.com/ Tommy Robinson

      i agree that would be awesome!

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