Preview: Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

Being a leader is a dream of many people, but in order to be a leader, you must first have followers. The Pikmin series supplies you with these followers in a way, allowing you to tell up to 100 little creatures at once what to do, and they’ll do that task to the point that they die, no matter how trivial or selfish it is. They will carry your load and fight your battles for you. The 3rd game, which should be similar in idea, is set to accompany the release of the Wii U. This game will certainly be full of tiny colored action! Keep reading for the preview! -Ryan Baxter

The Pikmin are inhabitants of earth, presumably after all humans have died, as they have not yet entered the series. Many of the creatures you face appear to be mutated insects and amphibians. You play as a very small alien, unable to lift a penny or even a feather. Your only guide on this journey are the small, ant like Pikmin, who are just about as tall as you, though not quite. They are notably strong and are actually a form of plant, able to grow and be planted.

In the first Pikmin game, they assisted you in your return to your home planet after you crash land on this planet and must escape its poisonous oxygen. In the second game, they saved your company from bankruptcy by helping you find valuables on earth after your boss makes some risky investments during your absence in the first game. The second game also brings a fellow companion, allowing the group to be separated into two separately controlled groups. The third game will also share the money system of the second game and the ability to split a group with multiple leaders: this time there are four, none of which are Olimar. I assume he has retired after all those years. However, remaining unknown to us is whether this is another financial problem or simply corporate greed taking over the company in the wake of a new leader, or some similar scenario.

To finish, it must be noted that the three main colors of Pikmin are returning (blue, red, and yellow), and the most recent (purple and white) are rumored to be hidden in the game. Also, two very different breeds of Pikmin will be making an appearance, the light, high flying pink Pikmin and the heavy, wall breaking rock Pikmin. These are certain to put a while new spin on the game, allowing new challenges and new experiences. With all the experience and newly added adventure in this game, it will surely be an instant classic on the Wii U! But will this simply be written off as another attempt at a dead series? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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