Nintendo Still Ultimate Gaming Company In Sales

Nintendo has been at the top of the gaming charts for quite some time now, and that is partially due to the new systems and games that are being released, but also partially due to the pure awesomeness of Nintendo. The charts from Japan show that Super Mario Bros. 2 is the most well-bought game, and the 3DS is the most commonly bought system. Now, a note should be made about just how many 3DS are being bought. To compare it well, we’ll use another recent hand-held system. Let’s say, the PS Vita, which is the next best selling handheld that was recently released. The PS Vita sold a little over 9,000 systems, which is pretty good. However, the 3DS sold, drum-roll please, a little under 236,000 systems. That’s approximately 26 times the sale rate of the PS Vita. How long can Nintendo keep this popular streak going? What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

  • Christian

    Nintendo is the best in my opinion they really care for there fans and Nintendo’s Games have a really Awesome Gameplay! :)

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