GameStop Employee: They Want to Kill Used Games

We have been talking a lot recently about the passing of physical games, and the rising of digital copies of new games. The transition could bankrupt many companies. I recently talked to Victor, an employee at GameStop, about the falling of physical games. When asked about the incoming digital era, the following quote was given:

“I think they’re going to put us out of business, which is their ultimate goal. Basically, they want to kill used games, which is funny, because we’re a great marketing tool for them. They’re basically having a different company pay for their marketing for them.”

What Victor says makes a lot of sense. Personally, I love walking into GameStop and seeing all the old games lined next to the new releases, knowing that any adventure in the entire store is just a low payment away. However, digital copies of games will be a great way to not only reach more customers, but also will make the purchase of games easier. On an economic level, as they no longer have to pay the money made by GameStop sales from the total money gained, one of two things will happen: The price will drop or Nintendo will make more money. With all these things to consider, the future of gaming appears to be pretty hazy. -Ryan Baxter

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