Game of the Week: Metroid: Other M (Wii)

There are few games I’d ever label as perfect, but Metroid: Other M is definitely one of them.  There are many people out there who have something bad to say about this game, mostly because it’s played with a sideways Wii Remote, but if you’re willing to give the play-style a chance, I promise you it will immediately win your heart.  Apparently, when Team Ninja and Nintendo team up on a project, you should expect to have your mind blown.  It’s obvious the creators showed great care in trying to bring Metroid back to its roots.  If you were ever wondering what Super Metroid for SNES would look like if it was made for a next-gen console, this is it.  Have you played Other M? -Dallas B.

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  • Christian

    I never buy this game I heard from people on different Web Sites that the Game was really bad is that True? :/

    • Greg Boe

      It’s actually pretty epic if you get past the sluggish pace at the beginning :)

  • Andy

    I more hate the way this game ruined Samus for me.

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