Pachter is Pretty Frustrated With Both Nintendo & the Wii U

So one of my favorite things about putting the opinions of Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter, is hearing you guys get all mad at the guy in the comments.  Regarding this, he said:

“People love to beat me up for bashing Nintendo, but they bring this on themselves. They [Nintendo] give no information, and want us all to proclaim that their consoles will sell record numbers.”

Honestly, I actually like Michael Pachter a lot, and his opinions on the gaming industry have always spiced things up for me.  I actually do agree with him on this one; Nintendo really isn’t giving many of us enough info on the Wii U to excite gamers.  Let’s hope this changes before launch. -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: Wii U Daily

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  • Christian

    Pachter would get the f**k out he doesn’t know what his talking about Nintendo hasn’t said anything because they don’t want $ony and Micro$oft to Copy and they also haven’t said the Price or the Date because if they did $ony and Micro$oft I’ll put there Prices low to Ruing the Nintendo Wii U Launch. I LOVE NINTENDO!! :D

    • Tommy Robinson

      i agree but microsoft never ussualy copies nintendo or anyone sony on the other hand…..the move looks like the wii to me and alot of their games are knock offs of nintendo games.

    • Greg Boe

      I agree for the most part. The Wii U will be great, but I only believe that to be true because I know Nintendo, and Nintendo won’t rip off devoted fans with some piece of crap system that never amounts to what it’s said to be.

      On the other hand, it would help out a bit if Nintendo wasn’t so quiet about the details of Wii U. It’s coming out sometime this year for goodness sake, and we haven’t even gotten a release date yet!

      • Christian

        Greg Boe, Tommy Robinson I’m sorry for my Lauguage but that Pachter guy Really gets on my nerves he is always saying bad things about Nintendo :/

        • Tommy Robinson

          Its alright cristian on rare occasions i get really ticked off and my language isn’t the best either.

  • RockD79

    It would be priceless to hear somebody within to say there doing it just to piss him off lol!

    • Purple Pikmin

      That would be hilarious ;)

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