Hmm.. Nintendo Wii is Out Of Stock @ Many Online Retailers

Multiple online retailers (such as GameStop) are out of stock of brand new Nintendo Wii consoles.  Don’t worry though, they still have refurbished consoles for sale.  GameStop has the Wii listed as back-ordered, but they show that most of their retail stores have them in stock. Another big online retailer with the Wii out of stock is Amazon. Good news: You can still purchase new systems on Amazon but they go through other retailers through the amazon website.

This shows that the Wii is coming to its final days, which is sad because I still remember when the Wii first launched and kids from all over the neighborhood would come to my house just to play on my system. I remember when everyone wanted a Wii and now it seems like everyone has one. This is happening sooner than I expected, although I don’t expect the it to just die down just yet. What are your thoughts? -Tommy Robinson

Source: Nintendo World Report

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  • Christian

    Until we meet again Wii say Hello to the Wii U!! :D

    • Purple Pikmin

      Why is the Wii out of stock? I was gonna go buy one for my sisters birthday but can’t find any new Wiis online

      • Tommy Robinson

        nobody knows for sure but i’m pretty sure they slowed down the production in order to focus on the Wii U but if your looking for one you can find some new consoles from other retailers, you can also check your local game stop. If you want to save some money it would be easier to find a used one.

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