Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Gives Luigi the Spotlight Once Again

Okay, so many of you remember last year’s E3 press conference, when Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced for the 3DS.  With a short amount of footage and a very limited amount of info on the game, gamers everywhere still went crazy.  This will be the first Luigi’s Mansion title after over a decade of silence, and the NCharged Team couldn’t be more excited.  The game has now been titled Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.  In this game, Mario’s little brother Luigi has to go to several mansions in order to find the pieces of an ancient relic called the Dark Moon.  The game looks substantially better than the original for Gamecube.  The coolest thing about this handheld sequel is that the creators have worked extra hard on the creepy aspects of this game, adding suits of armor that take swings at you, and undead bear rugs that try to eat you, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon might actually be scarier than the original. Luigi will go through mansions, vacuuming up ghosts and screaming at the top of his lungs this Holiday season.  So what else do you expect to happen in the next adventure of everyone’s favorite ghost buster?  Comment away! -Dallas B.

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