Review: Candle Route (DSiWare)

Has your mother ever told you not to play with matches?  Have you ever still wanted to play with those matches when you were a kid?  Did you’ve ever want to light off a rocket into space?  I know I have, and Candle Route for DSiWare does just that.  Should you really download this game? Well that is exactly what I’m here to help you decide. Keep reading for the review! -Tommy Robinson

Candle Route is a puzzle game and the object is to move your character Sparky, by using your stylus to set flags  and collect walking matches called match babies.  after this, you need to light all the candles on-screen. Sounds simple right? well it’s not as simple as it sounds, you only have a certain amount of moves. To add to the challenge, when you move to a certain block there is a certain path you take. So you may need to take a different path, than you want to get all the matches you need.

Just when you think you’re getting good at the game and you’re able to beat the game with no issues, a new challenge rises. There are puddles in some levels that block your path forcing you to light the candles in a certain order. There is also many other challenges, my least favorite being the TNT. Now for this challenge if you’ve collected a certain amount of matches and you put your path through the TNT you lose a match or two and in the end you can’t complete the level as you do not have enough matches to light the candles.

There is 2 modes in the game, Side A and Side B. Side A is the primary game with all the normal levels. Side B however is different. On Side B instead of lighting candles, your primary goal is to light off rockets. Instead of having a certain amount of flags to move around with, you are timed, but you can take as long as you want as it is only a recommended time. The controls are different as well. instead of moving with your stylus you move with your Circle Pad or D-pad. So that means Side B is essentially a bonus mode.

Candle Route is a pretty Great puzzle game; it’s rare to find me playing a puzzle game for more than 5 minutes, and that’s the case with this title. This is probably not a game you would play for hours on end or tell everyone under the sun about, but it is definitely worth the money.  If you love puzzle games then this game is well priced for you to download and try out, at only 200 DSi Points or $1.99 in the eShop. Who knows, maybe you will end up enjoying it more than you thought, kinda like me!

Have you already picked up this game? What are your thoughts?

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  • http://NintendoNewsUpdaters Kris

    Not really a fan of those type of games

  • zeta_yoru

    looks kinda cool. i might give it a try. thanks for the news!

    • Greg Boe

      Glad we could help!

  • 3DS Fanboy

    Got some extra cash on eShop. How much do you recommend this game?

    • Tommy Robinson

      hmmm well if you like puzzle games then its definately worth a try! but i dont like puzzle games and i enoyed more than i thought. so if you wanna try a new game you might wanna give it a try and if you dont like it its an affordable loss. so my suggestion if you really want to go aghead and download it!

  • Christian

    I’m not a big fan of those kind of games but I might Try it on the Future! :)

    • Tommy Robinson

      me neither but i enjoyed it more then i thought if you ever do decide to try it let us know your thoughts.

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