Tommy: Should You Upgrade to Nintendo 3DS XL Next Month?

The Nintendo 3DS XL is on its way to store shelves on August 19th in North America. Now, some of you are saying, “Wow, I want this really bad!”, while others might be thinking, “I really don’t think it’s worth upgrading”. Well, just for you, I’m going try to help you decide if you should sell your trusty old Nintendo 3DS, or keep it. In this article, I’ll give you my opinions of the pros and cons from other people who have gotten their hands on the new system. Should you upgrade to the XL? Continue reading for my opinions! -Tommy Robinson

First off, let me tell you the complaints some people already have. One thing is the fact that it’s not gonna fit in your pockets anymore unless you have huge pockets (not a fat joke). Also, there is no second Circle Pad like a few of you were hoping for. Some think that there should be a second circle pad so there would be no need of the Circle Pad Pro, but that is actually harder than it sounds. Something else, is with the bigger screen you can notice the games are more blocky and more pixely and I’m assuming this is because they were made for the smaller screen. Some are saying that hitting the sweet-spot for the 3D is harder on the XL so that means the viewing angle is more narrow.

Now I didn’t write this to bash the 3DS, so now I’m going to give you the many advantages with the XL. One obvious advantage is the bigger screen which is 90% larger than the original 3DS. Another advantage is the bigger SD card (4GB) and that leaves you more room to download games and save extra data in games. The design is much slicker and has a very comfortable feel to it. What I really like about this is no more fingerprints and it’s just is harder to get dirty. The glasses-free 3D depth itself is much larger, and the overall 3D is much bigger and better.

Now, I know that is not all the pros and cons, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I personally haven’t been able to get my hands on the XL. Are you planning on pre-ordering the 3DS XL? I myself would rather stick to my normal 3DS and not upgrade, but you could also just keep both if that’s an affordable option (Greg is already planning on keeping both). I hope this article made you just a bit more aware of the ups and downs of the XL, and hopefully this helped you in your decision. What do you think of the Nintendo 3DS XL?

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  • http://NintendoNewsUpdaters Kris

    keeping my 3DS

  • Rob

    im keeping my 3ds im not buying a 3ds xl but great news keep up the good work :D

    • Tommy Robinson

      thank you rob! it really means alot to me and the other editors that you like our site!

  • zeta_yoru

    my 3ds is the exact same as the 3dsXL. i think i’m good.

    • Tommy Robinson

      i might buy it. im probably going to work at a grocery store hopefully that pays for the XL!

  • Christian

    Well I till don’t know what I’m going to do as a Nintendo Fan and Collector I might Buy the 3DS XL but for Christmas 2012 I’m gonna save my Money for now for the Nintendo Wii U when it launches this year btw I love how you written your Article there really good! :D

  • Sami the Demon

    im keeping my 3DS,the XL doesnt come in purple

    • Tommy Robinson

      those are the launch colors. who knows maybe in the future they will release a purple one!

  • John Arnoult

    Sweet! I thought it would be pixely too! But in the photo, I saw it wasn’t! I’m definately getting it the first day it comes out.

    • Tommy Robinson

      yep! i cant wait to get my hands on it if i have the money.

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