Only 3rd-Party Nintendo Wii U Launch Titles Are In 1080p

Most third-party Wii U games, will run at 1080p when the Wii U launches. Nintendo however, confirmed that their games will run in 720p, leaving it to wait for future first-party titles to run in 1080p. Do not worry about this because, there is some great 3rd party titles coming to Wii U at launch. Some great games that will be coming include, Assassin’s Creed III (which I’m definitely getting) Batman, and others. If your planning on buying the Wii U, what third-party games will you buy? -Tommy Robinson

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  • http://NintendoNewsUpdaters Kris

    Imagine Zelda in 1080p

    • Tommy Robinson

      wow that would look just awesome!

  • zeta_yoru

    definetly, getting the new assassin’s creed.

  • Rob

    keep up the good news tommy

    • Tommy Robinson

      Thanks rob! I hope you check back often!

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