Hmmm… Where is Captain Olimar in Pikmin 3 For the Wii U?

Some of you may have noticed when Pikmin 3 was shown off for the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console at E3 last month that although we were told that the game offers 4-player co-op, Captain Olimar (protagonist of Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2) is nowhere to be seen (sad face). So, what has become of our little hero? Beats me. This gives us a great opportunity to share some speculation, don’t you think? Whatever happened to the loveable Captain Olimar, I’m sure we’ll find out at the launch of Pikmin 3. What do YOU think happened to Olimar? -Greg Boe (admin)

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  • Caden Manon

    I downloaded the image and zoomed into the character in the background, and THAT IS OLIMAR! You can see his big pink nose and his brown hair and one of his closed eyes, and his suit is red! It is actually easier to make out if you zoom away. See for yourself! Also, Olimar will be making an appearance in the game, but he won’t be playable. He and the other 2 captains will be replaced by 4 new characters.

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