Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion Make the 3DS a Must-Have

Many of you who are commenting on the site are still convinced that the Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing titles on Nintendo 3DS are all coming out on August 2, which is just a place holder, not the actual release date.  What I can tell you, is that both Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon are coming this holiday season, so the wait won’t be too much longer.  Both games are looking to be some of the best so far on the handheld, and are also two reasons why some of you bought your systems in the first place.  As for Animal Crossing 3DS, we probably have to wait until next year for its release in North America.  Which do you want more? Paper Mario or Luigi’s Mansion? -Greg Boe (admin)

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  • Anonymous

    Wait, so on a holiday this summer they are coming out?

  • Greg Boe

    What we meant, was that most think they are coming out in August, but Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are actually coming later this year (holiday). So Yeah..

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