Nintendo Wii U: DVD Capabilities or Not So Much?

The ability to play a movie appears to be expected with any gaming system now-a-days. Most systems present an ability to play Blu-Ray and DVDs, and nearly all of the latest systems have had an ability to connect to a Netflix account and watch as many movies as your heart could wish for. One of the big Wii U debates is the existence of DVD players in the console. This is certainly to be expected, as it was a shock this was not part of the Wii technology, even though it was released around the same time as the Xbox 360 and PS3, who both had the ability to play DVD disks (PS3 can also play Blu-Ray). The Wii was behind the times in this aspect, so it would be foolish for Nintendo not to leap into this race of movie-playing from your console alongside its competitors by equipping the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console with a DVD player. Do YOU want DVD support on Wii U? -Ryan Baxter

  • warlock141

    Well I really hope they do. But correctin xbox 360 doesn’t play blu ray

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