New Super Mario Bros U Isn’t Launch Title For Wii U Anymore?

This year at Comic Con, news about Wii U and its games was released. IGN posted some footage of New Super Mario Bros U, and near the end Nintendo of America PR Manager Kit Ellis says

“So that’s a look at New Super Mario Bros U, coming out for Wii U not too long after launch.”

Incase you don’t know New Super Mario Bros U, was planned to be a launch title for the Wii U. there’s no official confirmation on if the release has changed.  What are your thoughts on this? -Tommy Robinson

Source: My Nintendo News 

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  • http://NintendoNewsUpdaters Kris

    Great Story!

    • Tommy Robinson

      thanks kris look for my of mine soon and my review!

  • zeta_yoru

    that sux. i wanted the wii U just for this title. :(

    • Tommy Robinson

      don’t worry man they said not too long after launch.

  • http://NintendoNewsUpdaters Kris

    True@zeta yoru

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