Review: Art of Balance TOUCH! (eShop)

Shin’en has developed some absolutely amazing downloadable titles in the past, and Art of Balance for WiiWare was among these great games. This causes many of you to wonder, is this their latest title, Art of Balance TOUCH! going to become a Nintendo 3DS eShop essential? From the screenshot shown above, you can already tell that the graphics are great, but we’ll answer much more in this eShop review. Continue reading for the review! -Greg Boe (admin)

The concept of this game is very simple; you have to stack all of the given shapes on top of each other, and if they don’t fall into the water within a certain time limit, you beat the level. If the name didn’t already give it away to you, the touch screen is used as the primary control scheme (or buttons) to complete each level. This basic concept is kept in both the game’s modes: Arcade and Endurance.

Arcade mode is the main mode, in which you take on 200 levels in 8 different worlds. Only the most talented (and patient) gamers will be able to finish every single level. In Endurance mode, you play a random selection of unlocked levels from Arcade mode back to back. This mode will continue until you fail three times, so it’s up to you to see how long you can endure.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with Art of Balance TOUCH!, and it’s a must-buy for those who want a relaxed gaming experience that’s worth their cash. This game is available for only $6.99, so if this review has convinced you in any way whatsoever, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game. We can’t wait to see what Shin’en has in store for us next, and you can be sure to hear more about this as the information comes.

Have you already picked up this game? What are your thoughts?

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