Nintendo 3DS Sales Are Struggling in North America

Fact: Nintendo 3DS is a huge hit in Japan. Other Fact: Americans take twice as long to pick up on anything. This is why the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t sold as well in North America. I wish I could go out somewhere and immediately get some StreetPass tags, but it’ll be at least another half-year until sales pick up in the West. While this would normally be discouraging for Nintendo, the Nintendo DS actually took almost two years to pick up on sales, and now it has sold even more units than the Nintendo Wii. In about a year from now, the 3DS will have spread all over North America, and everyone will look at it more like the best new handheld, and less like the thing they always hear about but have never seen. Don’t have a 3DS yet? What’s holding you back? -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: Nintendo 3DS Connect

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  • Sony FTW

    i think PS vita is way better than 3ds. nobody really cares about things like mario and zelda anymore. also, 3ds graphics are really suckish compared to current handhelds.

    • Purple Pikmin

      Whats your deal man? Do some research before humiliating yourself by saying crap like that.

      • Cecil

        Yeah, what he said! The 3DS is “hamazing”! The only other current handheld is the PS Vita. So what if it has better graphics, the 3DS is 3D (no glasses), has two screens AND Mario rocks. No Sony character can match the pure awesomeness of our italian plumber friend!

        • Greg Boe

          (High-Fives Cecil)

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