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When I first heard about Renegade Kid’s latest Nintendo 3DS eShop game, Bomb Monkey, I was all like, “There’s no way I’m gonna buy this game”.  I was planning on just contacting the developers to get this game, but when it released yesterday, I ended up just buying the game for myself.  After opening the game, I didn’t stop playing until 3 hours later, when my hands started to cramp.  To make a short story even shorter, Bomb Monkey is a simply wonderful game, and I’ll tell you why.  Continue reading for the review! -Greg Boe (admin)

One thing you should know before purchasing Bomb Monkey is that the entire game is in 2D.  This would be legitimately disappointing, but this is because you play the game holding your 3DS system sideways.  This game plays like Tetris in many ways, but adds a lot more, making this game even more entertaining that the much-loved classic.  The controls are very simple, making it easy to get right in the game right after the download.  You use the D-Pad (or Circle Pad) to move your monkey and drop bombs.  That’s all you need to know.

There are six different modes in all: Endless, 2P Versus, 2P C0-op, Rescue, 3 Minutes, and Numbers.  In Endless, there literally is no end; you just have to keep playing until you lose. This mode is fun, but I enjoyed the “3 Minutes” mode more, because it allowed quick play time so I could finish it all at once while waiting for my food at a restaurant.  My favorite single player mode was definitely “Rescue”.  In this mode, you have to bomb a cage that has imprisoned a fellow chimp while keeping the blocks from rising to the top.

A friend can join in on the fun with two great multiplayer modes: 2P Versus and 2P Co-op.  What makes this even better is the fact that you only need one 3DS system to play these modes.  You both hold the system sideways sitting across from each other, and Player 1 uses the D-pad, while Player 2 uses A,B,X, and Y at the same time.  Sounds complicated?  It isn’t.  The modes are so addicting that your friends will want to get the game for themselves.

Arguably the best thing about this game is its price.  You can purchase Bomb Monkey right now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for only $4.99.  With the addictive gameplay and affordable price, anyone with a Nintendo 3DS and an internet connection needs this game!  To Renegade Kid we say, keep up the great work, and thanks for another amazing eShop title!

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