Animal Crossing 3D – Coming to Nintendo 3DS Sometime in 2013

We already know that Fire Emblem: Awakening is on it’s way to North America in 2013, and Animal Crossing 3D is looking to be on the same track. This game was announced to be available in Japan during 2012, and Europe in 2013, so it’s pretty obvious that the North American version won’t be far behind. It’s crazy to say that we will have waited almost three years since the announcement of Animal Crossing 3D at E3 2010. I must say, it will be well worth the wait when we are all exchanging fruit together in 3D. Stay tuned for more info! -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog

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  • Brian

    Please get your facts straight! There has been NO conformation on ANY North America release. Europe is getting it first half of 2013. Japan is getting it this fall. No one but Nintendo knows when North America is getting it.

  • Brian

    Wow sorry for being a douche. I didn’t read the article properly. And I misspelled “confirmation”

    • Greg Boe

      No worries man! And we were only saying that this game will probably be coming close to it’s European release.

  • Soy Neck

    All we know is Europe recieves it second half of 2013, and North America gets it either first half of 2013 or sometime during the summer.

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