Transition to Nintendo Wii U to be a Quick One

Critics have been waging war against the upcoming Wii U with the insult of dual-screen play being too difficult to be an easy adjustment by modern players. However, Nintendo disagrees. First to note is the fact that this is not the first system to feature 2 screens of play (DS and 3DS) and most of us use three electronic devices at the same time (sometimes even while driving, which is dangerous!). With this stated, we can thereby assume that dual-screen play isn’t a huge jump from previous games, and that mankind will therefore quickly be able to play Nintendo Wii U games like they’ve been doing it their entire life! To reiterate, the 2 screen ability of the Nintendo Wii U, while revolutionary, will not be difficult to adjust to, and is not a big problem. What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

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