IGN: How Nintendo Lost E3 2012

I admit that Nintendo’s E3 presentation last week wasn’t their best, but they still beat the other shows with some great titles coming before the end of 2012. While Ubisoft’s show was a bit more exciting (mainly because of Tobuscus), my favorite E3 presentation this year was Nintendo’s. Unfortunately, IGN doesn’t feel the same way about this. According to IGN’s Richard George:

“High expectations. Poor presentation. A lack of substance. A narrow focus. Any publisher can be guilty of some of these items at any given E3. Nintendo somehow managed to do all of them in one year, and what’s worse is that it genuinely had some very interesting things to say. It simply said them in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong way.”

I do agree that Nintendo should have spent more time on games like Pikmin 3 and less time on Nintendo Land, SiNG and Wii Fit U, but this doesn’t mean Nintendo didn’t have a good E3. What do you think? -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: IGN

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