Ubisoft Has Very High Expectations for Nintendo Wii U Sales

Remember when the Nintendo Wii was released? At that time, gamers everywhere would wait in lines at their local Walmart and stay up all night looking for the closest store with the system in stock just so they could purchase one for their families. Imagine that chaos, but even more insane during the launch window of the Nintendo Wii U. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has shared that he has some pretty high expectations for Wii U, and he expects Nintendo to produce 5 million consoles during the first six months of the system going on sale. According to Guillemot:

“Generally, that’s what (Nintendo) does. The number can be more, it can be less… they are always limited in the number that they can build. It’s easier at the beginning of the console cycle to astonish people and bring them new experiences than at the end of the cycle. So the risk that is seen as a big risk by many is actually the contrary.”

Whatever Nintendo decides to do at the Wii U launch, expect the unexpected, and also, you might just see us running around interviewing people at the launch event (most likely in New York). What do you think Nintendo should do for the Wii U launch? Share your thoughts in the comments! -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: My Nintendo News

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