Mario Tennis + Pikmin 2 – Available for Now on Nintendo Selects

Alright, so there have been two games released today for Nintendo Selects on Wii:  Pikmin 2 and Mario Power Tennis.  These titles were originally on the Gamecube,  but Pikmin 2 is only just now being ported to Wii especially to get us ready for the launch of Pikmin 3 later this year.  I’m genuinely exited to see this franchise brought back so well, and just really can’t wait.  For Mario Power Tennis, this game’s already been released for the Wii before now, but of course, this is the first time it’s been sold under Nintendo Selects.  This game’s really fun for fans of the series and is a great introduction to the series. Both of these games are out now, so pick them up wherever videogames are sold.  Stay tuned for more info! -Dallas Boe

Source: My Nintendo News

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