Nintendo to Filter Content Posted in Miiverse on Wii U

Remember Flipnote Sudio for the Nintendo DSi? Then you probably also remember the inappropriate content and racy images sent out by DSi owners worldwide, and most parents wouldn’t want their kids exposed to stuff like that. Nintendo has noticed this as well, and also plans to filter their Miiverse public posting content. How will they do this? According to Satoru Iwata:

Firstly, content will be filtered for inappropriate words through the use of a software program. Secondly, Nintendo plans to hire people to manually check posts before they are made live. However this method requires more time, at the moment a delay of at least thirty minutes is expected. The last line of defense against any questionable content, is that the users will have the ability to flag content that is offensive. However, it was stated that this method isn’t as ideal because the user has already seen the content.

While you may have to wait about 30 minutes for your content to be shown publicly, at least Miiverse will be appropriate for all ages. The filtering will only go as far as the public home screen and game posts, but personal messages between friends will be left alone. So it looks like you naughty gamers will have to look elsewhere for questionable pictures of Princess Peach. What do you think? -Greg Boe (admin)

Source: Nintendo World Report

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